Preventive medicine programme organising contraception for women

A preventive medicine programme is set up organising, on a national level, contraception for women aged under 30.

This programme is part of a national plan which aims to:

  • promote sexual and reproductive health, for women as well as couples;
  • promote healthy living and implementation of policies simplifying general access to high quality information concerning sexual and reproductive health;
  • promote amongst women the choice of contraceptive best adapted to their needs and make it accessible;
  • reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and voluntary terminations of pregnancies, in particular among young people;
  • prevent sexually transmitted infections;
  • evaluate the measures taken on a statistical and epidemiological level.

This agreement targets all females covered by the CNS, under the age of 30, provided that the services (as part of the programme) and their follow-up are provided in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

These women are entitled to 13 cycles per year of contraceptives published in a restrictive list, at a normal reimbursement rate of 80%. They are also entitled to a flat rate cover of an intrauterine device (IUD) delivered as part of the programme, corresponding to 80% of the amount exposed, with a maximum of 75 euros (maximum refund amount: 60 euros).

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