A pension from the state of residence

Who is concerned

This case concerns pensioners who meet the following criteria: 

  • the pensioner receives a pension from Luxembourg;
  • the pensioner resides in another Member State of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland;
  • the pensioner also receives a pension from their State of residence.

Country competent for medical coverage

As soon as pensioners reside in a State from which they also receive a pension, they are insured by this State, in accordance with Article 23 of the Regulation (EC) No 883/2004.

They are therefore no longer insured under the Luxembourg health insurance scheme.


Registration of the pensioner and their family members in the State of residence

Pensioners should contact the health insurance institution of their place of residence in order to receive information about registration and affiliation procedures according to their status as a pensioner receiving a pension in this State.

Important: The pensioner must report their change of situation and/or transfer of residence to the Luxembourg pension and health insurance institutions. They are also required to return their social security card to the CNS if they were previously insured under the Luxembourg system.


The health insurance fund of the country of residence is responsible for all reimbursements, both for medical expenses incurred in the country of residence and abroad.


S3 form - Reimbursements for the continuation of a treatment in Luxembourg

A pensioner is entitled to receive treatment in their last country of employment, provided that this treatment is a continuation of treatment that started in this country.

This also applies to dependent family members, unless the country in which the pensioner last worked is one of the following countries: Denmark, Ireland, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

If the pensioner's last country of employment is Luxembourg, the pensioner must request the S3 form from the fund in their country of residence and present it to the CNS in Luxembourg.

S3 form - Reimbursements for a new treatment in Luxembourg

A pensioner is entitled to benefits in kind (reimbursements) from the health insurance fund of the State in which they worked as a cross-border worker for at least two years during the five years preceding the pension payment.

This right is limited to relations with the following countries: Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Portugal.

Important: These countries are listed in Annex V of the Regulation (EC) 883/2004, subject to changes at any time. Please consult this link for the updated list.

If the pensioner:

  • has worked in Luxembourg as a cross-border worker for at least 2 years during the 5 years preceding the settlement of the Luxembourg pension, and
  • if they now reside in one of the countries listed in Annex V (Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Austria or Portugal),

they may ask the fund in their country of residence to issue an S3 form. This form will allow them to register with the CNS in Luxembourg. In this case, the CNS is only responsible for covering medical expenses incurred in Luxembourg. For all medical expenses outside Luxembourg, the pensioner should contact their competent fund (the one that issued the S3 form).

Particular situation Luxembourg-France

The Convention of 7 November 2005 between France and Luxembourg provides that pensioners are entitled to care (scheduled or unscheduled) on the territory other than that of their residence, on the basis of the European Health Insurance Card under the legislation of both contracting parties.


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