Transportation by ambulance

The insured has a scheduled treatment in a hospital in Luxembourg or is returning from a scheduled treatment in a hospital in Luxembourg. Simple transport by ambulance may be covered under certain conditions.

Terms and conditions of coverage

Ambulance transport for scheduled treatment is only covered in Luxembourg for an inpatient or outpatient stay in a hospital facility.

Transport for a consultation in a doctor's practice, even if it is within the confines of a hospital, is not covered by health insurance.

Insured persons must have a medical prescription issued by the doctor in charge of treatment, indicating the medical reasons justifying transport in a lying or semi-seated position for the outward or return journey. The medical prescription, if not issued prior to transport, must be issued within three days of the date of transport at the latest. This last condition is not required if the doctor in charge of treatment certifies that the insured person in question has been admitted to a polyclinic.


For simple transport by ambulance in Luxembourg, the insured does not need to apply to the CNS for prior authorisation.

The insured must have a medical prescription issued in a time limit indicating the need for transportation in a lying or semi-seated position. The insured must attach this prescription to the invoice of the transport provider and send the request to the CNS for reimbursement.

Coverage rate

Ambulance transportation is covered at the rate of seventy percent (70%) of the invoices issued on the basis:

  • of a minimum of thirty-nine euros and seven cents (€39.07) per trip,
  • or of an amount of one euro and twenty-nine cents (€1.29) per kilometer.

For the calculation of the route, the shortest distance is taken into account between:

  • the normal station of the ambulance closest to the insured's departure,
  • the place of departure of the insured,
  • the place where he receives treatment,
  • the place to which the insured person returns, if necessary, after receiving treatment,
  • the place where the ambulance is normally stationed

Waiting periods are covered at the rate of seventy percent (70%), taken into account at the rate of thirty-one cents (€0.31) per minute for a return trip to the insured's point of departure. These costs can only be covered if the costs for waiting time are less than the amount covered for the outward and return journey.

Disinfection of the ambulance is covered in full at a flat rate of one hundred and sixteen euros and nineteen cents (€116.19) only on the basis of a reasoned medical prescription issued either by the doctor who ordered the transport or by the doctor treating the insured person on admission.

Note: The special disinfection described above is only covered by health insurance for cases of infectious diseases whose presence must be documented by test results.

For simple transport by ambulance in Luxembourg, 30% of the statutory tariff remains payable by the insured. To this participation are added possible supplements charged by the transport companies. If possible, find out about the prices charged by the transport companies before choosing a provider.

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